It is undeniable, that our voices are heard, we are exchanging views with each other stern from our perspective,  behind our windows, these glances, these folding of forefront.

Observing these attitudes of the visitors being not at ease, or having satisfaction. Everything contributes to make this moment like time seems being stopped. We stand on the wall of the entrance, looking at the visitors coming and going, both haggard, curious and perplexed. Yes there are downtimes, our presence here is like a transformation, from chrysalis we become butterflies, finally liberated from our cocoon. The problem that we are exposing now becomes more than obvious, provokes more than just an interrogation. We know for sure that our presence interrogates, questions, but more than everything  makes sense. We know, because we listen to the remarks addressed to us, which for the most part concerns us, and confirms our willingness for existence.

Beyond this invisible, transparent wall  of exclusion. These voices, these remarks are also truth be told coming  from other dolls, which for many  ignores their doll condition, but nevertheless also are willing
to exist as we do. As we want to get out of these shackles which are  keeping us away from existence. This day is the day, we expected for it.

And it is right now among and with this public conquered and rallied to our cause, for this  special moment, intense, within a silent noise. Anacostia, the World, here we are!


Share is the property of the association Alchimie for the promotion of the exhibition “Black Dolls Project” of the photographer Mirtho Linguet.

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