The atmosphere of the gallery this morning seems very tense, people are walking up and down along the hall, and our presence into this space is like a question mark, as we realize how much our presence catches the eye of every single person, which encounters us.

The interesting part of the situation is that the revelation of our real presence will be tomorrow, so the best is yet to come.

Litterally even the day before, we observe some reactions. We are ready to deliver our message, we are ready to speak. But we also are ready for the exhibition, an exhibition which is more a than an exhibition. As we say “we don’t play, this is serious matter”.

Our presence here in Washington DC, is much more than this. In the gallery we want to initiate a new process, something that we hope will inspire all of us to Think diffrently. We want to think outside the box.


Share is the property of the association Alchimie for the promotion of the exhibition “Black Dolls Project” of the photographer Mirtho Linguet.

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