Quote: “If you don’t understand white supremacy which is racism what it is and how it works, everything else that you understand will only confuse you “. Neely fuller Jr

This movement and this will on the part of a large number of people classified as non-white (black) wanting to prove that they are black, who want to prove that their skin color is and has “value “, is nothing but a reaction that takes its source in racism.

Reaction which is logical in appearance, except that no one should boast of something that it is not even in the capacity to produce or actually has produced him or herself. The person having nothing to do with this, not deciding on that. Nor feel superior by its appearance that more is by its skin color, doing this is feed the problem rather to get out of it, doing this is give the opponent reasons to act with the consent of the victims and thus give him more power , which in the circumstance is absurd. Doing this is like polishing the prisonner’s bullet which has been put at your feet rather than removing it.

However, this reaction nevertheless proves the existence of racism which is the system of white supremacy, an ideological system based on the principle stated or not by its practitioners, to dominate and abuse any non-white person (black, Red, yellow, Brown, beige, any person classified as non-white) because of its skin colour directly indirectly, in all areas of people’s activity (economics, education, entertainment, politics, labor, law, religion, sex and war) in in which it is part of the daily life wether it recognizes it or not, in every circumstance, daily dominated by the system of white supremacy which is above all, a POWER relationship of POWER of DOMINATION which is intended to be total.

A power that is based on the ideology of the superiority of any white person who recognizes it or not, before any non-white person, and having its foundation in the concept of the race, developed concept to establish this practical and Ideological superiority.
Believing in race is believing in racism, because race implies the idea of racism.

Otherwise what other reason would an individual would have to prove that his or her skin color is not a problem?

This desire to assert its existence by its skin color is nothing more than a dramatic reaction of the victims, but by no means a solution to get out of this classification box. To get out of racism and to make racism disappear is producing JUSTICE. It is a question of fostering a culture of JUSTICE meaning practicing. CULTURE = PRACTICE.

The world is dominated by the CULTURE of white supremacy that nourishes and incites to nourish the practice of NON-JUSTICE.“Black a color, not a person, neither a race “.

The black dolls project invites every individual, who comes to get in contact with this work, to consider this problem in a serious way because it manifests itself constantly at every moment without even being understood by most of the victims who are all the non-white people of the planet (racism is a global system and it affects all the individuals of the planet in a direct or indirect way) to invite everyone to take the measure of what this ideology generates in the relationships between White and Non-White people, and how are affected all the relationship of non-white people between themselves, (relationships that bring them into of this system to be “hostile “), this in order to initiate a process that will allow to see the merge a world of JUSTICE, because racism which is the system of white supremacy which is one and the same, promotes a world of non-justice and permanent violence.

It is about the quality of the relationship.

It is a question of bringing forth a universal man and a universal woman working in the most constructive possible manner in any interaction with him or others.

It is about the production of JUSTICE, justice is a practice and has nothing to do with the color of its skin whatever it is.

JUSTICE is what needs to be produced.

  • JUSTICE = balance between people.
  • JUSTICE = Guaranteing that no person is mistreated in speech and/or action thinking and this 24/7.
  • JUSTICE = Guaranteingthat the person who needs the most help, receives the most constructive help in thought, speech, and/or action and this 24/7.


There is no willingness in this post to harm anyone or incite to hate and/or manifest hostility towards a white person because of his skin color.



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