The antidote is in the poison.

Dear readers,

By getting used to the practice of non-justice, the people of the planet have finally promoted non-justice rather than justice. To maintain a non-Justice institution in place. To prefer to produce poison rather than to promote the production of the antidote.

In fact it is a question of individual decision-making in order to produce a result
What is this individual decision and what is the result ?
The individual decision that will ultimately result in the production of justice at every moment in every thought, in every word, in every action whatsoever with oneself and/or others?

For what collective and individual result ?
To replace this dominant ideological system that is white supremacy (racism) by a world dominated by the ideology of justice. Understand what it is like how it works and what to do to weaken it to the point of making it disappear definitely.

Therefore this goal of JUSTICE cannot be achieved without a deep, careful and serious study that can help to find the concrete ingredients that will produce the antidote which is the production  Justice.

It is a question of revising everything, of putting everything flat, of analysing everything in all the relational compartments that connect one individual with another and whatever the environment.

What do i want to do ?
Why do i want to do what i want to do ?
How do i plan what i want to do ?
What do i expect the constructive result to be ?

For the production of Justice.

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