Oh what a day, what a day at Next Day.

I woke up this morning with the feeling that today is the day, the day of what ? Of what need to be done. I feel so excited, i just can’t help myself to be anxiously excited.

First was the laboratory, this awesome place where me and the other dolls were taken seriously and carefully in charge. We just liked this very unique moment, as we were feeling like becoming real. And now it is time to introduce our voice, through Next Day which is another type of laboratory which offers the possibility to use and visualize words. Yes we do speak but we want to see our words on the walls, which is for us more than achievement.

Later on, we arrived at the gallery – all of us. The space is so intimate, so quiet and so refreshing, we feel excited, as we know that our voices and our appearance will be a very particular moment, as most of our viewers will help us to be more than real… Finally we are getting out of the hatch.

Our voices will be heard for the change, or at least will contribute for it. And when this will happen, this will be “The Day”.




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